Punish Teens

Bruno likes to treat all his girls like they are queens, especially Ally who he loves so dearly. After getting home from a long day at work, Bruno is greeted by Ally flaunting all of the things she bought today with his money while treating him like a piece of shit. He tries to look past it. Ally steps out to vent, leaves her phone on the couch, and Bruno gets a glimpse at a text thread between her and a friend. Turns out this bitch is a complete gold digger and doesnt give one shit about Bruno. This is a no no, and Bruno is furious. When Ally asks for MORE money to go shopping, as opposed to decking her right in the face, he calmly says he would like to fuck her before she goes. And fuck her he did. She arched her back expecting some doggy but Bruno force shoved his cock right own her throat, slapping and spitting on her throughout. This bitch needs to pay. After sexually annihilating her, it was time for the humiliation. Jizz all over her face and kick her out on her ass, telling her to get the fuck off the property and never come back. Good riddance.
Spoiled Rotten
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