Punish Teens

Jamie picked the wrong time to question Bruno about their sexual accommodations. She wondered why she always had to be on top doing all the work. Maybe Bruno was lazy, or maybe he didnt know how to truly use that fuck stick of his. Whatever it was, it bothered Bruno quite a bit and he excused himself from the table. Jamie followed him out to try and console him, just to find him sneaking away to jerk off to hardcore porn!!! Jamie wasnt upset, but more disheartened as to why he can jerk off to it but not include her in it. Bruno reached his breaking point, choked slammed Jamie onto the bed, and unleashed everything hes been holding inside for ages. Jamie got each and every one of her holes mangled, enjoying every second of it. In the future, she will probably never have to ask whos gonna be on top or bottom, but rather if she might get force fucked and cummed on :).
Switching Things Up
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