Punish Teens

All Mariah really wants is some dick every now and again. All Bruno really wants is to play his video games in peace. This clash of necessities surely created quite the show. After Mariah continually kept bugging Bruno to play, he had enough and just walked out. Mariah decided to grab the controller and see what this game was all about. She stumbles across Bruno's career mode on his favorite game, and wonders that if maybe she deletes it, he will have more time for her. Oh the time that he had. His reaction was a swift yet powerful slap to her face. Then a brutal hate fucking followed by a gagging with the controller she used to do him dirty. Although much rougher than Mariah expected, Bruno finally paid attention to her! She felt quite special with the serving of jizz she got all over her face. Now if she can just find a way to get rid of the game system all together, she will be in good shape
Fucking Is Not A Game
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